Janus International Introduces MASS New Generation

Janus International has introduced a new concept for a new generation in portable storage units:  Moveable Additional Storage Structures (MASS) New Generation. 

MASS New Generation offers the same durability, overall appearance and flexibility as our standard MASS units, but with a lighter, easier to install design.

Key Features and Benefits of MASS New Generation: 

· Lighter unit that can be placed virtually anywhere, ideal for self storage, home or retail usage

· No sharp edges

· Exposed fasteners on trim only for better safety

· Easier and quicker to install

· Available in white and buckskin, with doors in all 20+ standard Janus Super Durable polyester colors

· Available with  shelving, which can demand higher rentals

· Can be insulated

· Design allows for quicker construction and installation, which save money

· Screw down roof

· Leasing options available

· All internal edges are hemmed

· Can be placed on irregular or sloped land parcels

· Instantly adds more storage space to your facility, while maintaining the look of your installed units

· Can be classified as equipment, which may offer tax incentives

MASS New Generation now makes adding storage units to your facility easier and more affordable than ever.

MASS New Generation storage buildings by Janus International are portable, flexible and affordable solutions for motorcycle, lawn equipment and recreational vehicle storage. They also serve as temporary office space and can even be customized to load on a trailer for the perfect tailgate headquarters. Special features such as shelving, windows and ramps are available. Choose your logo and unique color scheme to offer extra promotional coverage to your business or support to your favorite sports team.

MASS New Generation Storage Solutions for Your Customer Service Centers

With the growing popularity of 24 hour service centers at self storage facilities, Janus International has the perfect solution to house your equipment. Our Movable Additional Storage Structures (MASS) are solid, weather resistant and visually appealing enclosures for your service centers and can be locked if desired when not in use.

MASS units are light weight, easy to install and can be insulated. They are also a great solution to store facility information, such as availability maps, rental policies and more. Keep your materials safe and secure from the elements… all in a variety of door colors to choose from.